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World Watch™ Corporate version  -  Customised   - file 34.9K
World Watch™ Global Timepiece & Screen Saver - file 177.9K
Watch Time Travel
the World

Displays real time for locations throughout the world. See the time locations you create or select from over 475 predefined cities. The illuminated pattern on the map delineates those areas of the world currently experiencing daylight. This pattern highlights the progress of the seasons, and display sunrise and sunset as they happen. Individual digital clocks display local times and update continuously. The global daylight savings time adjusts automatically. You have complete control of World Watch™ for size and position of display.

The additional World Watch Screen Saver combines the practical use of your system and the World Watch software.

Global Timepiece
Screen Saver
  • Customise to display any cities - 475 already defined
  • Automatic Daylight Saving adjustments
  • Current weather pattern maps via the Internet
  • Live Internet news feeds
  • Up-to-date International Currency
  • Atomic clock time settings
  • Multimedia alarms/chimes
  • Maps and 3-D graphics
System requirements
to run World Watch
Windows operating system version 95 or later; PCs using 80386 SX or higher microprocessor; 4MB RAM (16MB recommended for Hi-Resolution Maps) 5MB free space. Optional Internet connection is required to download Internet Maps and Live Data. Supports all Microsoft Windows video systems.

WorldWatch and the logo are trademarks of Express Technologies Corporation.
Price UK £49.00 including VAT
US $49.00
Geochron - The new Global Timepiece. Sunrise in Sydney, sunset in San Francisco. See it happen, when it happens.

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