Model 2100 Portable Reader

Description Lightweight and durable, the Model 2100 is ideal for on-the-road meetings, presentations or service calls. Designed for viewing Source Document at 100% and COM at 75% of original size. Convenient 10" x 13" inside storage area for paperwork and fiche - two removable storage panels hold up to 40 fiche each. Secure locking case. Available in hard, black vinyl for service technicians and brown leatherette for salespeople. AC/DC cord is standard (Part #2192). There is also an optional Nic-Cad battery pack available.
Screen Size



11" H x 11-1/4" W
(279mm x 286mm)

24X (Source), 27X, 32X (42X COM), 36X (48X COM) 42X (Source), 54X (72X COM)

13" H x 19" W x 5-1/5" D
(330mm x 483mm x 140mm)

11 Ibs. (5.0kg) without battery pack. 12.5 Ibs. (5.7kg) with battery pack (rechargeable).

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