Key Features of Memory Map Series CD-ROM

QuickChart™ Technology
High performance image manipulation lets you move the map across the screen by simply clicking and dragging - even on a Pocket PC.

Real Maps
Uses detailed colour raster maps taken from the original paper version.

Fully Indexed
Look-up or search for a street, district name, station, hospital or selected Attraction and it's postion will be shown on-screen (see individual CD-ROM details for indexes included).

Route Creation
Simply click and add waypoints to the map. Each leg distance, compass bearing and total journey length are instantly calculated.
Time Planner
Estimate the total trip time.

Handheld or Pocket PC
Transfer waypoints, routes and maps onto a Handheld or Pocket PC for a complete navigational system showing full colour, detailed maps.

A-Z Great Britain Road Atlas
Full colour copy of our Great Britain Mini Road Atlas showing main roads and motorways. Suitable for route planning. Supplied with an optional 'Look-up' index file of over 4,400 place names and airports.

Print to Scale
Print maps at selectable true scales provided it is only for personal or domestic use, plus print off a list of waypoints on a "Route Card"

Digital Journal with Memory-Map Hotspots
Create a digital journal by adding pictures, sounds, notes or program files to any point on the map.

The Memory Map Street Atlas can be easily upgraded to include the following features:
Full GPS interface, trip performance monitor, easy GPS programming, create and print custom maps, auto chart select, multiple windows, night colours, satellite display status.

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