ADC-3R Automated Computer Aided Retrieval Reader

MAP ADC-3R ADC-3R is the top of the range automated retrieval reader. It is fitted with Bi-bulb / Double condenser system that allows a brighter image to be displayed on its large A3 size screen.

This high quality reader is equipped with interchangeable microfiche cassette system. Each cassette can hold up to 30 microfiches. The automated retrieval system allows the microfiche images to be accessed under computer software via RS232 Serial port interface, as well as from the standard keyboard supplied with each unit.

A simplified version of this reader, Model ADC-3A, without the microfiche cassette system is also available. With ADC-3A access to the microfiche map images remain under computer software control as well as from the keyboard supplied, but each microfiche have to be inserted into the reader manually.

Specification Screen Size:    A3 size screen - 11¾" x 16¾" Grey non-glare screen
Magnification: Triple Lens option. Lenses 14.8X, 24X, 42X  for MicroColour Map Display System.
CAR:                 Keyboard, Computer Serial Interface RS232C
Carrier:             Microfiche Cassette, capable of holding up to 30 microfiches
Lamp:               Bi-Bulb - DED 13.8V 85W + EPV 14.5V 90W. High/Low switch for extended lamp life
Electrical:        220/240V 50Hz. (110/120C 60Hz option)

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