FR-5 Briefcase Reader

FR5 Reader
Description FR-5 microfiche reader has a robust double-walled ridgid-shell construction. This briefcase reader can be utilized on a desk top or for mobile use. Its screen, size 11½" x 11½", is built into the briefcase's lid. The reflection-free metal screen renders a brilliant picture, neutral in colour and high in contrast, particularly important for viewing from the sides. This unit can also be used to project microfiche images onto a larger wall projection screen, by turning the deviation mirror around 180°.
Specifications Screen Size:   11½" x 11½" inches
Magnification:  Triple lens turret. 24X, 42X, 48X 
Dimensions:    140mm. x 470mm. x 360mm. -  5½" x 18½" x 14¼" (HxWxD)
Weight:           13lbs. (5.8 Kg.)
Lamp:             12V  100W
Carrier:            4" x 6"
Electrical:        120/240V and 12VDC
Colour Brochure - PDF file format - 109.9K

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