MicroColor® Handheld Viewer

Model 456 Elite
Hand-Held Viewer
Colour Brochure - PDF file format 25.4K
Hand-Held Viwer The Model 456 Elite Hand-Held Viewer provides instant access to information anywhere . . . at home, the office or in the field for viewing data up to 24x source document or aperture cards.

A hand-held viewer to permit portable and inexpensive viewing of the microfiche. This pocket reader is equipped with good quality lens and specifications we feel are appropriate for colour microfiche. This is in no way designed to replace a desktop viewer such as the MicroColor Model 3000 or Model 6100, but is specifically designed for anyone needing the convenience of quick retrieval, using no batteries, for on the spot viewing.
Viewing Field:
Focus Control:
29.4mm x 50.8mm x 158.7mm   (1.2"x 2"x 6.2")
182 grams (6.4 ounces)
Aperture diameter 15.6mm
Thread-type lens mount adjusts for eyesight
High impact plastic and aluminium
  • Mask for framing image
  • Focus set-screw to lock lens in position
  • Eye cup for easier viewing
  • Eye shield to eliminate squinting
  • Magnetic back plate
  • Balanced illumination to prevent eye fatigue
  • Soft inner lining to hold image firmly without damage
  • High quality padded vinyl carrying case

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