Colour Kits for B/W Microfilm Cameras


MRD Controller Unit

It is now easy and convenient to convert your black and white Kodak MRD camera for Cibachrome archival colour microfilm, without any modification to the camera. The exposure times can be set and adjusted in 0.1 second increments, up to 99.9 seconds on the digital timer.

  • The timing sequence is activated by the foot-switch supplied.
  • Typical exposure times 3 to 8 sec. with Cibachrome microfilm.
  • Independent mains supply for Overhead Lights 110-240V AC.

- User instructions 137.1K

KIT for 16mm CAMERAS

Minolta or Filemaster 16mm cameras, can be modified for use with Cibachrome Micrographic film. After processing the microfilm, it can be cut and inserted into 16mm jackets. This will allow 60 frame format as opposed to 98 frame format of standard microfiche. The following modifications would be required to the camera for Cibachrome colour microfilm:-

  • Remove the light bars on each side of the copy board. Add 500 watts studio lights (3200°K) on each side of the camera. A separate stand for the lights are required.
  • In front of the camera eye cover with 2.0 N.D. (Neutral Density) filter.
  • Make an exposure series with the control 1, 2, 3 to 12. Include a target and subject matter with grey card. Filters in front of the lights may be required, depending upon critical colour needs.

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