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By using Ilfochrome (perviously known as Cibachrome) colour microfiche - A high resolution, 148mm x 105mm (6 x 4 inches), colour transparency - and filming in full-frame microfiche format, we are able to accommodate large sheet maps onto a standard A6 size microfiche, as a single image. Depending on the original paper map, a reduction factor of 7.5X to 17.5X is used for microfilming.
Cibachrome Colour Microfiche provides
  • High image resolution and colour saturation
  • Exact reproduction of historical and current maps
  • Convenient storage, retrieval and reference
  • Archival media - Image stability of several hundred years
  • Economical preservation and distribution
  • Reduction in map storage space by over 95%
  • Easy conversion to digital media
  • Full colour custom photographic reprints on demand
  • A proven and dependable media
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