Ilfochrome Process P-5

Ilfochrome Micrographic Film (previously known as Cibachrome Micrographic Film) is processed in Ilfochrome Process P-5. This relatively uncritical (in terms of temperature and time) 3-bath process requires equal times for development, bleach and fix. Manual tanks as well as replenishment machine process are possible.
A 5 litre processing kit containing concentrates to make 5 litres of working strength solution for the developer, bleach and fix is supplied for start-ups and tests in customer labs. For the large volume user 20 litre units are available together with 50 litre replenishment packs for automatic processors.

N.B. Processors should be set up with the 20 litre items.
Kit with De, Bl, Fx
Developer Replenisher
Bleach Replenisher
5 litres
20 litres
20 litres
25 litres
50 litres
50 litres
KIT 5.5
DE 5.20
BL 5.20
FXR 3.25
DER 5.50
BLR 5.50

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