Header - Archival stability of Ilfochrome
Film Material

Dark Storage Conditions
Temperatures: 50, 60, 70 and 80° C
Humidity: 50% RH
Duration of Test: 15 months

The test results obtained at 80°C are presented in the graphs on the right.

There is no indication of change at temperatures lower than 80°C over the time period in which the tests were carried out.

The data presented originate from accelerated tests at elevated temperatures. Predictions on how the material is expected to behave when kept in the dark at room temperatures are usually extrapolated from such tests.

An experimentally measured dye density loss of 0.3 is often used to calculate meaningful extrapolations. At elevated temperatures, some chromogenic materials undergo such a change within one to two months.

CIBACHROME MICROGRAPHIC FILM undergoes such minute changes when exposed to high temperatures that a density loss of 0.3 would probably only occur after many years of accelerated tests.

Therefore, based on the present results it is reasonable to conclude that under normal storage conditions - i.e. at room temperature (20°/68°F) and 40% relative humidity - CIBACHROME MICROGRAPHIC FILM is extremely stable. An archival stability of several hundred years can be expected.

Yellow - density chart

Magenta - desnsity chart

Cyan - density chart

Data from tests performed at the IMAGE PERMANENCE INSTITUTE Rochester, New York, USA.
TI 10 US/e - December 1989

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