A-Z Greater London InfoMap CD-ROM

A-Z Greater London CD-ROM Map 
A-Z Greater London InfoMap CD-ROM - file size 456KB
A-Z Greater London
InfoMap CD-ROM
This new CD-ROM using the A-Z mapping provides over 3,600 sq. km. (1,400 sq. miles) of full colour seamless mapping with a coverage area that corresponds to the A-Z Master Atlas of Greater London, and over 100 sq. km. (40 sq. miles) of large scale mapping corresponding to the A-Z Central London and Docklands Atlas.

With instant access to a database containing over 86,000 streets, including stations, district names, hospitals, selected places of interest, schools, colleges, universities and tourist information centres. Typing in your search name will quickly display the relevant street map section with its Ordnance Survey grid co-ordinates or latitude/longitude position. Advanced search facilities include search surroundings or search an area for the nearest hospital, school, college or selected place of interest. It is also possible to define an area to search, or view a location by entering it's Postcode. A standard set of drawing tools is included to allow lines and areas to be placed over the mapping. Locations can be marked with points or icons and stored as bookmarks for future reference. Measurement can be made along a user-defined line, by area, or by radius or compass bearing.

New Feature
The route planning capabilities are based on NavTech® data and the software also has the facility to add a GPS receiver (not included) allowing you to monitor your position. All map images can be exported or printed provided it is only for personal or domestic use.

  • Search Databases - Streets, Postcodes, Districts, School & Colleges
  • Journey Planning - Journey, Itineraries, Distance, Fuel
  • GPS ready (receiver not included)
  • Edit / Copy / Print - Drawing tools, Add colour, Create text and symbols
PC CD-ROM Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows® 95 or higher (98, 98SE, ME, NT4.0, 2000)
  • 80MB disk space (Full HD installation requires 700MB free disk space)
  • 32MB RAM ( P450 + 64MB RAM higher spec. recommended)
Price UK £34.99    US $56.50
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