MS800 Digital Microfilm Scanner

Type Desktop digital microfilm scanner.
Screen Size 300mm W  x 435mm H
Image scanning Digital scanning 300 dpi by CMOS contact image sensor.
Max. scanning size 295 mm (H) 432 mm (W).
Image Polarity detection Negative to positive, positive to positive, automatic.
Film Type Microfiche, jacket, aperture card,
16/35 mm roll film, ANSI/3M cartridges
Scanning mode Black and white, black and white-fine, black and white picture, grey scale (2/4/8bit) (optical 300 x 300 dpi) (on the operation panel, only black and white and black and white-picture mode can be selected).
Density control AE, manual.
Scanning size A3, A4, A4R, B5, B4
Scanning position Centre, left, A4 size 2-page separation.
Scanning area Trimming (option), border erasure, margin setting (for trimming function, framing kit is required).
Scanning speed 200 dpi/3.0 sec., 300 dpi/3. 4 sec.,
600 dpi/5.4 sec. (A4 portrait)
200 dpi/3.9 sec., 300 dpi/4.7 sec.,
600 dpi/8.8 sec.(A3).
Focus Auto focus, manual.
Zoom Manual, zoom key memory.
Rotation Manual, automatic 90° rotation.
Dimensions (W x D x H) 612 x 600 x 760 mm.


Approx. 47 Kg.


Interchangeable carriers


FC190R-II, AC100C, AC100R, AC100M.

FS controller I, FS controller III, RFC200

Installation kit M
Foot Switch
Operation Keyboard
Framing Kit
128MB Memory

X7-7.5, X9-16, X14-30, X20-50, X57

Scanning Utility 800
Mode Black and white, black and white fine, black and white picture, grey scale (4/16/256 levels).
Resolution 200/300/600 dpi.
Size A3/A4/A4-R/A5/A6/B4/B5
Frame area Center/left/ 2-page separation, overlay.
Others settings Batch type, detect image size, add on, margin scanning, AE adjustment, sharpness, erase background, erase notch, complement thin line, use of user gamma, add on setting, gamma setting, function key setting, etc.
File formats Binary image: TIFF/BMP/JBIG
Grey scale image JPEG/BMP/JBIG
Viewer functions Zoom in/out, 90° rotation, best fit, fit to width, next/previous page.
Printing functions Print screen image, print scanned image,
reader printer mode print.
File convert Converter mode.
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