MS800 Digital Microfilm Scanner

Convenient A3 advantage Designed for the desktop, the MS800 features a standard A3 screen for clear viewing of large or detailed microfilm images complete with the option of high resolution A3 printing.

Easy operation and flexible editing features provide optimum productivity and fully automatic search and retrieval functions are available via the optional FS Controller III.
  Large format, legible A3 screen
The practical A3 monitor provides on-screen enlargement of all engineering or architectural drawings and technical designs, ensuring clarity even for complex details and fine text. This A3 format is equally advantageous for financial institutions, as bank cheques can be examined clearly on both sides at the same time. Complementing the A3 screen is an optional A3 printer, the FP400.

Open scanning interface
Using the ISIS driver, the MS800 can be simply connected to most industry-standard scanning applications. This allows these imaging packages to have hybrid capacities supporting both digital and microfilm for scan on demand.

High scanning speed, high resolution
With a fast scanning speed of 3.4 seconds per frame, the MS800 is ideal for microfilm to digital conversion. Additionally, the high scanning resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (optical 300 x 300 dpi) from microfilm provides greater clarity of images, even for the most detailed archive documents.

Simple, versatile operation
An ergonomic remote keyboard featuring motorised zoom, rotation and focus facilitates operation and increases overall ease and efficiency.

  Full range of flexible features
90 degree motorised image rotation allows horizontal images to be printed vertically. Messages of up to 33 characters can be added to printouts for job descriptions, with the inclusion of time and dates. And image polarity detection automatically ascertains the polarity of both silver and diazo film.

Clean, clear printouts
Print border and background erasure functions ensure clean printouts. Any unwanted information can be edited out using the masking and trimming feature. The end result is improved quality as well as a saving in toner costs.

Increasing productivity
The optional FS Controller III offers accurate, fully automatic search and retrieval features as well as advanced memory printing functions. A clear,16-digit interactive keyboard ensures efficient operation, to help maximize microfilm management.

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