MS400 & MS500
Digital Microfilm Scanners




Screen Size

Image scanning

Scanning speed

Image rotation / focusing / zooming

Exposure control

Muitiprint (with LBP)

Print border /
background erasure

Date / message print

90 degree rotation print

Image polarity detection


Sharpness adjustment

Light source




Weight keyboard

Desktop digital microfilm scanner

Both negative or positive images

300mm W  x 300mm H

Digital scanning 400 dpi

Less then 8 seconds

Manual (MS400)
Motorised (MS500)

Automatic or manual

Preset up to 99 prints

two modes: with or without frame

Date: day, time, date, month and year
Message: up to 33 alphanumeric
characters. Setup and function
on/off: set at installation




Set at installation

20V 150W halogen lamp

668 x 442 x 541 mm (H x W x D)

45 x 265 x 180 mm (H x W x D)

26 kg (MS400)
27 kg (MS500)

0.8 kg


Interchangeable carriers

Lenses MS400

Lenses MS500

Framing kit

Autocarrier 100C for ANSI, Ektamate
and 3M-type 16 mm cartridges

Fiche carrier 190RII & automatic
RFC 200 for fiche/jackets/aperture cards

Autocarrier 100R & RFC 200 for
16 mm / 35 mm open reels

Autocarrier 100M and RFC 200 for
3M-type, Tuscan M-type and other
M-type 16 mm cartridges

FS Controller I & III for automatic
retrieval of ANSI, Ektamate and
3M-type 16 mm cartridges

Single lens: X7
Zoom lens: X9.5 - X16, X16 - X32,
X30 - X55, X10 - X24

Single lens: X7
Zoom lens: X9.5 - X16, X16 - X32,
X20 - X48, X30 - X55

For trimming print

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