MS400 & MS500
Digital Microfilm Scanners

Interface Image Digital versatility
The key to integration into document management systems is digital versatility. Easy conversion to a PC combines the benefits of both computer database and microfilm storage.

Simple operation
The MS400 offers easy manual operation. While the MS500 has an external keyboard for motorised zoom, rotation and focusing features. To make life even simpler, there's the compact, ergonomic keyboard of the optional FS Controller III. Making child's play of super-fast search, retrieval and printing!
 Digital Scanner with Printer Image polarity detection
This feature automatically detects the image polarity of both silver and diazo film. Positive prints are produced from both positive and negative film. At a super-sharp 400 dpi!

Remote Keyboard
The MS500's ergonomic remote keyboard ensures unprecedented comfort and productivity. Especially for large-volume jobs needing extra time and effort. Motorised zoom, rotation and focus control mean operation is fast and easy. Improving efficiency. Reducing fatigue.
Rotation & Trimming Image Image rotation and trimming
An optional cursor allows original film images to be re-arranged. Saving toner costs. While 90 degree image rotation (motorised in the MS500) allows horizontal images to be printed vertically.
  Add-on messages
To increase efficiency in document organisation, messages of up to 33 characters can be added to printouts. Plus details of time and date.
  Clean printouts
Both the MS400 and MS500 offer print border and background erasure. Plus masking and trimming for the editing of unwanted information. This saves costs by reducing toner use and assures clean printouts.
  FS Controller III
Canon's optional FS Controller III is the perfect partner for the MS400 or the MS500. Offering fingertip access with an easy-to-read 16-digit 'interactive' keyboard. Fully automatic search and retrieval features. Plus advanced memory printing features. For unparalleled efficiency and productivity in microfilm management.
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