Canon MS400 / MS500
Canon Digital Microfilm Scanner

Making the most of microfilm

Put your archive to the best possible use, with Canon's MS400 and MS500 Digital Microfilm Scanners. Fast and versatile, they scan all types of microfilm in no time at all. They also offer a wide range of advanced scanning and printing features, with easy conversion to PC and digital environments. Plus with the optional FS Controller III, the certainty of maximum efficiency in searching, scanning and printing.

 Main features MS400 / MS500
  • High 400 x 400 dpi resolution
  • Less than 8 sec. per frame scanning (400 dpi)
  • 16 mm and 35 mm roll or cartridge film
  • Microfiche, jacket film and aperture card
  • SCSI II interface + ISIS driver (optional)
  • Automatic image polarity detection
  • Print border and background erasure
  • Add-on time, date and message
  • Masking, Trimming and Zooming
  • 90 degree image rotation
Additional features MS500
  • Motorised zoom / focus / rotation
  • Remote keyboard
  • 90 degree image rotation printing
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