MS300 Digital Microfilm Scanner

The MS300 is the key to improving and fully
integrating your entire document management
system. With this high-performance, digital
desktop scanner, you benefit from both computer
database and enhanced microfilm storage. The
unit is capable of scanning all types of microfilm,
including ANSI/3M cartridges, 16/35 mm roll
film, fiche/jackets and aperture cards. Plus
standard utility software provides a wide range
of practical user functions.

What makes the MS300 system invaluable is
that it offers far more than just flexible microfilm
scanning. When connected to a PC, it performs
exactly the same functions as a reader/printer.
Either a local or network printer can be used for
full A3 and A4 hard copy output (dependent on
cassette sizes available). Also, when in reader/
printer mode, you can still operate the application
software independently of your PC.

The MS300 offers an output resolution that reaches
right up to 600 x 600 dpi. However, a variety of output
resolutions are available depending on the required
application including 400 x 400, 300 x 300 and
200 x 200 dpi. Furthermore, 8-bit greyscale scanning
is available to provide high quality scanning for images.
Simply select the ideal scanning resolution, to ensure
clarity for even the most detailed archive documents.

The scanning speed of the MS300 makes it
perfect for converting microfilm to digital data.
Speed is 5.5 seconds per frame at 200 dpi,
7.5 seconds for 300dpi, 10seconds for
400 dpi and 16 seconds per frame for 600 dpi.
All to increase productivity and enable you to
get through more work in less time.

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