MS300 Digital Microfilm Scanner

The versatile design and flexible features of the
MS300 scanner make it highly suitable for
a wide range of applications. Superior microfilm
scanning of source documents makes it ideal
for use in the manufacturing industry, as well
as for libraries. With its ability to handle typical
cheque film formats, it's perfect for banks and
financial institutions. In fact, whatever your
microfilming needs, the MS300 delivers the
complete solution.

Another invaluable function of the MS300 is its
ability to carry out media conversion from
microfilm to other media. This mode enables
easy and automatic scanning of filmed images
after retrieving images with film addresses,
complete with image processing, saving and
automatic indexing.* Synchronising film
forwarding with scanning opens up a whole
new range of opportunities.
* only available with optional FS Controller

To keep your running costs to a minimum, the
MS300 has an economical power save mode.
This can be easily set to switch on automatically,
either after 15 minutes or one hour of the unit
not being in use. With, of course, automatic
restoration of full power the moment the
MS300 is operated.

Canon's optional FS Controller III is the perfect
partner for the MS300, to enhance overall
efficiency. It features an ergonomic and
'interactive' keyboard. Fully automatic search
and retrieval functions are also available, as
well as a range of advanced memory-printing
features. Providing your company with
unparalleled efficiency and productivity in
microfilm management.
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