MP90 Microfilm Reader/Printer

Type Floor-type reader printer
Print Process Canon MP Cartridge System, Single. Component Dry Toner Projection Development System
Image polarity Accepts both negative and positive images with toner cartridge change
Screen Size 300mm W  x 300mm H
Image Rotation 360 degree with prism rotation / 90-degree automatic image rotation printing
Focusing Manual
Print Size A4
Paper Supply Automatic feed by 250-sheet cassette
Warm up Time Approx. 26 seconds at temperature 25° C
Time to First Print Less than 10 seconds
Print Speed 10 prints per minute
Multi Print 1 to 19 prints
Density Control Manual
Consumable MP Cartridge 20N (for negative film)
MP Cartridge 20P (for positive film)
Light Source 24V 150W halogen lamp
Electrical Requirements 230V 50Hz- 4.9A 240V 50Hz 4.7A
Dimensions Main unit: 830 mm high x 525 mm wide x 738 mm deep
Main unit with pedestal: 1,410 mm high x 525 mm wide x 738 mm deep
Weight Main unit: 45 kg
Pedestal: 26.5 kg

Operational Environment

10°C to 32.5°C (50°F to 90°F), 10% to 80% R.H.

Interchangeable carriers 1. Fiche Carrier 190 Rll for fiche / jackets / aperture cards

2. Autocarrier 100R for 16 mm/35 mm open reels

3. Autocarrier 100C for ANSI-, Ekiamate and 3M-type 16 mm cartridges

4. Autocarrier 100M for 3M-type, Tuscan M type and other M-type 16 mm cartridges

5. FS Controller I for automatic retrieval of ANSI-, Ekiamate- and 3M-type 16 mm cartridges

Interchangeable zoom

9.5X-16X, 16X-32X, 30X-55X

Mask printing

Automatic exposure

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