MP90 Microfilm Reader/Printer

Autocarrier 100C/100M
For retrieval of 16mm cartriadged films with high-speed motorised film transport plus automatic threading. Upgraded loading systems and heavy duty motors assure reliable operation. The AC100C accepts ANSI-, Ektamate-, and 3M-type cartridges. The AC100M handles M-type cartridges, like 3M, Tuscan M, etc., and offers an index window for quick and easy referencing of cartridge index information. Both carriers stop automatically before reaching the end of the film, allowing non secured film to be searched safely.
  Autocarrier 100R
Accepts 16 mm and 35 mm open reels. Offers semi-automatic film loading with accurate threading through automatic detection of the direction of the film on the supply spindle. Film winding slows and stops, automatically, before film end.
  Fiche Carrier 190RII
Allows viewing of fiche, jackets and aperture cards. Convenient self-opening glass flats simplify film loading and removal for ease of operation.
  FS Controller I
Provides sophisticated search capabilities and automatic retrieval of 16 mm cartridges. Film threading is fully automatic with up to 9 programmable search modes for speedy image access. 100 memory registers provide ample storage for image addresses and operation commands. With its built-in RS232C Interface, the FS Controller I enables the MP-90 to construct a powerful information management system by incorporating CAR (Computer Assisted Retrieval).
  High-speed printing
After a warm-up time of less than 30 seconds, the MP-90 delivers the first copy in just 10 seconds and 10 A4-size prints per minute at multi-printing speed.
  90-Degree image rotation
Provides automatic image rotation for fast, accurate and trouble-free vertical format printing from horizontal images. Simply place original image within the desired vertical or horizontal print frame indicated on the screen. The MP-90 takes care of the rest, delivering the repositioned printout image, effortlessly.
  Mask printing
To ensure clean printouts and minimise toner consumption, simply define the desired image area. The MP-90 automatically masks out dark print borders and unnecessary information.

Automatic exposure control
Assures optimum contrast image prints from all types of films. Manual adjustment is also available for fine- tuning image density.

Power-saving reader mode
When using the MP-90 strictly as a reader, this economical and environmentally sound feature shuts down the printmaking mechanism, saving extra power and money.

Easy-access front paper supply and delivery
Positioned for optimum convenience and efficiency, the sizable paper cassette holds up to 250 A4 sheets for fewer refilling delays and high-volume printing runs.
  High-resolution zoom lenses
A selection of zoom lenses with prism image rotation provide a broad magnification range without frequent lens changes, and allow manual 360-degree image rotation for correction of skewed images.
  Maintenance-free MP cartridge printing system
Canon's unique all-in-one replaceable compact cartridge forms the heart of the MP-90. When the toner runs out, simply snap-in a new cartridge and the MP-90 is ready to go producing fresh, crisp prints.
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